Paw Balm for your Dog

Paw Balm 2

All Natural

Oil, Butters and Essential Oils

This product is ALL NATURAL and is used for all seasons.

$15.00 each

It comes in a 2.5 oz push up container for easy application

2 Applications and you are good to go


Each Tube (TBA) pls email me for prices





I have personally developed and used this product, I have three Golden’s and have and are currently using this product. I have used this in deep snow, salty sidewalks, and regular hiking trails.  I use to stop every five-minutes  to clean snow and ice from my dogs feet, and now I do not have to stop at all.

Keep the container in a warm environment and apply just before you go outdoors or hiking.

Drop me a note and let me know how it works for you.



6 responses to “Paw Balm for your Dog

  1. Lydia, I just love the paw balm for Luna…….Thanks Tracy

  2. Cheryl: My whole family loves the paw balm for Titan, it makes his walks so much easier……

  3. Gabbie: My husband and I apply the balm on both of your little dogs, and they do not seem to mind, I am glad there is something out there to protect them all season long.

  4. Black Creek Animal Hospital in Acton, Ontario, will be selling the Paw Balm starting Tuesday March 12, 2013.

  5. Have the Lavender/mint paw balm for my cockapoo love it! It works great and smells nice. Was given to us by a friend and I have recommended it to others!

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