Lydia Herminia House was born June 26, 1896 to John House and Jenny McLeod of Belfountain Ontario. She was born on a farm just outside of the town on Bush Street, all that remains is the silo today.

What is left of the farm on Bush St. Belfountain

 The family moved into town and lived in the house that is located on the hill at the corner of  Pinnacle Street beside the ice cream palour.

House belonged to Mr. John House

Lydia is from a family of four brothers and one sister (Alan, Carlton, Lewis and John, sister was Myrtle).  She was the last survivor of the Blair-McLeod clan that immigrated to “Tubtown”.

 John House and Jennie McLeod

She later married Albert Ernest Crowe June 26, 1920 and resided in Bridgenorth, Ontario until her death in 1995 in her 99th year.  She had one daughter Myrtle Beatrice Crowe (Burns) who passed in 1982.

 Lydia Herminia House and Myrtle Beatrice Crowe (Burns)

She was a Grandmother of four

Patrica Ann, Janet Mary, Johnny Albert and Bonny Gale

 Great Grandmother of John Edward, Sarah Anne and Erica Louise.

What a GREAT Inspiration she was……….I dedicate this site to the two most important people that I shared by life with……My Grandmother and my Mother.


4 responses to “History

  1. Great report, Lyd was my father’s sister , there were 4 brothers I think, Jack, Carl, Lou and Al, Al was my father.I visited North Petherton in Somerset where the great grandpa came from, still House families there. Tony House.

    • Hi Tony,

      I would be happy to send you some phot’s of the family and some pics of your Grandparents, and GREAT Grandparents, if you would ike.

      Let me know, I would be happy to do it.

      Bonny Burns Lyd’s Granddaughter.

  2. Sue-Ellen Fitzpatrick

    What an interesting report. I knew that my father, Al, grew up in Belfountain and loved seeing the picture of their house. Sue-Ellen House Fitzpatrick

    • Hi Sue-Ellen

      How r u?

      I spoke to Lou House and we will be exchanging some photos and I was wondering if you would like me to send you some pics of your Grandparents, and some other family photos.

      If so let me know, I would be happy to share

      Bonny Burns Lyd’s Granddaughter.

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